I first heard  Lauren Casper on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. As Lauren chatted about her life in Virginia my ears perked. That may have been what drew me into the podcast, but what kept me there was Lauren’s story.

It’s Okay About It is a compilation of essays highlighting the Casper’s first adopted child. Mareto has autism, but that is not who he is and Lauren’s book highlights that in beautiful memories and interactions.

As a mother myself, I have found God teaches me through my children often. That is Lauren Casper’s insights as well, explained in story form. Some stories take you on the journey of their adoption, others a day at the park with Mareto.

The suggestions offered on friendship, authenticity, adjusting expectations and other topics read to me as one girlfriend chatting to another. Her insights were sometimes questions I wonder to myself. Casper explains in one chapter of her passions for planning that are now adjusted with the addition of children to her life. Something easy to relate to for me, and my guess is for all mothers. There are more similarities between myself, and Lauren then it would appear on paper. But in many ways, that seems to be in part what this book is trying to reveal.

This is an easy read, yet deeper than the first paragraph of each essay might present. Still, Casper’s writing style left me feeling like I knew the author personally and had observed life experiences with her for years. Each essay was encouraging to me even as I was challenged to self-reflect or step up to take a brave step. But that’s what girlfriends do, isn’t it? They encourage and challenge at the same time.

Casper is an advocate for adoption and autism. This is her first book although there are several in the works.  In exchange for an honest review, I received a free E-Book from Book Look Bloggers.



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