“If we will choose to love hard, even when it is hard, I’m willing to be all the hot bread and tortilla chips of my future on the fact that our planet will be a much better –much happier–place to live.” Lisa HarperThe Sacrament of Happy

The Sacrament of Happy combines Scripture with Lisa Harper’s life experiences ranging from childhood through her present life with her adopted daughter Missy.

Life has not always been as joy-filled as her present circumstances might lead you to believe. And that is what make Lisa Harper one of many experts on the subject of God-given happiness.

Happiness is something I’ve been exploring lately, and it hasn’t been out of a need to find a way to be happy. Life has been going well for the most part, which has made this the perfect time to read about the subject.

Lisa Harper refers to other resources throughout this book and explains aspects of her personal study of happiness. Her relatable life examples of motherhood and heartbreak had me cackling and tearing up. Her insights into scripture were deep and thought-provoking.

Harper’s writing is refreshingly humorous and transparent without the layer of sarcasm that seems prevalent in other books I’ve read recently. That alone has created a repeat customer. But Harper doesn’t stop there. After pointing to the Bible for teaching on why happiness is important she then reveals how to begin the process of understanding the happiness Scripture refers to.

As part of Lisa’s launch team, I received a free Ebook to review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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