One of the most common questions I’m asked by other coaches’ wives moving to the area I’m living in is “what do I do for work?”. We’ve lived in two very small communities which made finding local jobs close to impossible. Toss in the need to be home for kids or the inability to afford to work and pay child care and it can be extra challenging.

Although some families find it most convenient in the coaching lifestyle to be a one income household, many wives seek work out of necessity. Coaches at most levels aren’t paid well and as costs of living rise, some wives work just to afford health insurance.

Still, I know several coaches’ wives who work because they choose to. They love having the extra income, but more so, their job is the place they aren’t “Mrs. Coach”, and they thrive by having something of their own.

Regardless, the challenge still remains. What jobs are easiest for women who move every 18-24 months on average to obtain? When you answer the application question “Why did you leave your previous job?” with “a move for husband’s job” five times over, are you going to be marketable? Almost two decades in the coaching business has revealed the answer to that question is sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Here’s my list of top jobs for coaches’ wives:


This is the most common area of employment for coaches’ wives. The virtual company has propelled this option to the forefront of many lists. Whether it’s clothing, cooking utensils, makeup, oils, or shakes third-party marketing businesses seem to be popping up all around me.

Not everyone is cut out to sell something. In fact, it can actually be a hindrance in some places. As the new person coming in, being flagged as a salesperson can hinder relationships. For the introverted person asking them to sell something or even host a party could be considered a form of torture. In a small town, building your downline can be hard, because you can oversaturate an area quickly.

The positives are numerous once you have built your business. First, you should have some of the flexibility that you seek. There are tax benefits to owning a business, and you can work from almost anywhere, so you shouldn’t have to start over with every move. This is especially true if you utilize social media and online sales options.


If you love crafting or are a creative person this might be your thing. Having time to craft that earns you money can’t be a bad thing right? The sales may not always be steady so this might only be an option for those looking for something that provides some spending money.  On the positive side, you can take this business with you anywhere and work the hours you prefer.

Virtual Assistant:

The job that I added to my resume last September is the one I always suggest first. My role as a virtual assistant is unique, even for the VA world, but my company paired me with someone who would utilize my experiences and strengths in our partnership. For example, one aspect of my job is to write blog posts.

At my request, I have worked my way from 5 hours a week to 25 growing my commitment from one client to two and adding hours when my client needed. My tasks vary and my relationship managers (think HR reps) are always available to make sure I am comfortable in my role.

Although many people work independently as VA’s, I chose to go with a company because of the additional benefits provided. Ongoing training, salary collection, and client placement allow me to focus on being the best VA without any other concerns.

My job offers flexibility in that I can shift my weekly hours to accommodate my family. I can also take my work with me when we move or travel if needed.

(Our company also hires bookkeepers and writers)


Looking to be a writer without all the extra? Freelance writing is a growing field. Zerys is a company I work with in my job as a VA. We seek out the same writers weekly who do excellent work.

I have picked up freelancing jobs with WritersAccess, BlogMutt and Upwork.

Be cautious, not all companies are legitimate.

Teaching English Virtually:

Having a job that offers flexibility in hours is a significant bonus in any job. VIPKID is a company that contracts people to teach English to Chinese students via Skype. The process is fairly simple, and you don’t have to have a teaching degree to work for them. Training is included.

The hours on this particular job range from very early in the morning to very late at night with the middle of the day being open. The reason is simple. You are teaching on Chinese time.  So if you aren’t a morning person this might not be the job for you.


This is a great option for a stay-at-home mom, or for someone who loves little kids. I spent years watching other kids in addition to my own. The positives were numerous. My kids had built in friends. They had to learn to share sooner and to be flexible about where they napped. We got out of the house to explore a bit more than I think we would have otherwise because a crowded house encourages outside adventure. I didn’t have to work nights or weekends and I was always able to take the time off that I wanted.

The hard part was that I didn’t make a huge amount of money. It was nice extra cash, but still less than minimum wage, which made some days challenging. Further, I couldn’t run out and do many errands, so there was a good amount of schedule shifting that needed to be done.

Other Local Options:

Besides babysitting most communities will offer several local options for you to consider. Temporary work can often be the best option to offer flexibility. These are all jobs coaches’ wives I know have obtained.

  • Substitute teaching
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Seasonal employment at local stores
  • H & R Block
  • Real-Estate
  • House cleaning
  • Private lessons (instrument, sports, singing)
  • Tutoring

Weighing out pros and cons in any job situation can be a stressful thing. Coaches’ wives are often the most tenacious people I encounter. Their lifestyle has exposed them to many personalities and situations that make coaches’ wives ideal for various jobs. Most jobs involve someone being hired into their position. The process of finding a new job with every move can become frustrating. Considering an option that will move with you may be the way to go. Regardless of your decision know any company would be lucky to have you!


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