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It’s been a very busy work month. I’m looking forward to next week when all 3 of my guys are at FCA camp and I can get some freezer cooking done. Here are the links that caught my eye this month:


I did a Facebook Live Video Chat on Mentoring today over on The Glorious Table Community Page.


Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa 

Strawberry Pretzel Icebox Pie 

BLT Lettuce Wraps 

Spiralized Greek Salad 


The Link Between Health and Cancer “Studies linking meat consumption to cancer are relevant to the Paleo community and are worthy of discussion. So, let’s do that.”

The Effect of Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage on Alleviating Menstrual Pain in Nursing Students: A Prospective Randomized Cross-Over Study “This study investigated the effect of aromatherapy massage on a group of nursing students who are suffering of primary dysmenorrhea. A randomized blind clinical trial of crossover design was used. ”


Hiking Trails in Illinois 

14 Unique Day Trips in Illinois


Kay Warren’s excerpt from Christianity Today “I continued in this state of internal conflict and failure, all the while knowing I was in deep trouble. I wanted out but didn’t have a clue how to change.”

Keeping On by Jo Hooper (40 More Days blog)  “Will I live for Jesus because they do? Or do I want to see what life is like for myself?”

What caught your eye this month? I’d love to know! Link up or leave a comment below.

Mark your calendars for our next link up August 31st!


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