Whisper How to Hear the Voice of God is Mark Batterson’s most recently written book. Batterson is the author of several books including the bestseller, The Circle Maker.

Batterson begins by explaining God chooses to for his most important words to be whispered. Our world is growing nosier by the minute. When comparing all relationships, we attune our heart, eyes, and ears towards those we love most.

God will not compete for our attention. He is always speaking to us, always present, but he won’t chase us. Thankfully, Batterson does not stop there. After introducing why God whispers Batterson explains how we can position ourselves to better hear God. History, science, Scripture and life experience are pulled together to present a picture of when and how we might hear God speaking directly to us.

Whisper begins with the foundational belief that the Bible is God’s living and active word. It is the filter through which all interpretations of ways God may be speaking to us begins. Batterson reminds us that God doesn’t contradict himself, so if we think we hear God telling us to do something that is opposite of the Bible, we aren’t hearing him correctly.

From that foundation, Batterson presents seven love languages of how God speaks to us. Desires, Doors, Dreams, Promptings, People, and Pain are all experiences that God uses to speak to us. Batterson offers examples from his own life, but also pulls in biographies from Christians you may not have heard of before. Founders of worldwide missions who followed God’s voice obediently.

Batterson explains that science has taught us we can only understand a voice we can hear and in many cases, our life experiences train your ear to focus on particular sounds and filter out others.

Depending on your theological background you may have been taught that God no longer performs miracles or speaks to us. Mark Batterson stretches that religious teaching to the point where it cannot continue to be entertained. He does so humbly and transparently. Taking the time to include examples of how God interacted with people throughout Scripture, and how that is continuing today.

There are a lot of books on how to hear God’s voice and how to discern God’s voice. Whisper is the most comprehensive presentation I have read. With practical applications and suggestions roadblocks to avoid this is a book, anyone will be able to understand whether they are just beginning to explore who God is or they have had a personal relationship with him for decades. Batterson has created a resource which makes the discipline of learning to hear God a daily option.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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