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Check out my favorite reads from September:

doTerra launched some pretty sweet oils this past month. This Oil Chemistry Wheel Oil Chemistry Wheel Oil Chemistry Wheel has helped me figure out some new pairing oils.

It’s amazing how busy life has gotten with the flip of the school switch. This post 52 Easy Instant Pot Recipes has been a great new resource for me. I’m loving my Instant Pot!

46 Amazing New Books You Need to Read This Fall is expanding my library selection!

My writing friend Anna Carpenter had a post published on inCourage this month. It was one of my favorites. An American Assignment is worth a few minutes of your time!

Dear Young Mom (Me) written by my friend Jill Richardson is a bit of a tear-jerker, but timely with school starting!

This Ted Talk was powerful.

Lastly, I’m taking the Write 31 Days challenge this year. Come back October 1st to read my first of 31 posts.

What caught your eye this month? I’d love to know! Link up or leave a comment below.

Mark your calendars for our next link up October 31st!


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