Probing In this third installment of Harbingers short stories, we are again treated to four adventures with our unlikely group.

  • BRENDA–the street-hustling tattoo artist who sees images of the future
  • Daniel–now raised by Brenda, we still aren’t quite sure why he can see what he does, but he always springs into action when needed.
  • THE PROFESSOR–the atheist ex-priest ruled by logic
  • ANDI–the professor’s brilliant but geeky assistant who sees inexplicable patterns
  • TANK–the naïve, big-hearted jock with a surprising connection to a healing power

The adventures are wearing on this group, and the stories seem to reflect that a bit. The unknown has become frustrating, and more than one situation threatens to be the excuse to end the arrangement. But through every story Tank continues to press into God. The books continue to allude to each character processing exactly where their faith stands. How do they reconcile what they see, hear and experience with the logic they have been taught their whole lives?

These short stories are a combination of futuristic ideas and past myths intertwined in a way that leaves the reader satisfied with the creativity. I don’t want to give anything away, but I was disappointed with the decision one author chose to take with their character, and I’m hoping it somehow turns back around.

This is a great vacation read for someone who loves adventure. The books are clean in language and imagery, perfect for a teenager or an adult. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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