My #oneword2018 is Ready and I’m writing about why over at The Glorious Table today!

Here’s a preview:

This fall, during a morning walk, I experienced something new. The subdivision we moved to last March has several sections of cornfields waiting for new-home construction. These wide-open spaces separate groups of newer houses connected by sidewalks, which make a perfect walking path. While the weather allowed, my morning routine began with a long walk, listening to a podcast. As fall began to transition to winter, I discovered the inconvenience of the wind.

After four years of living in the mountains, I had forgotten how unprotected we can find ourselves in open spaces. Most days weren’t a problem, but our warmer-than-usual fall mornings occasionally included a wind that made my nose run, eyes water, and cheeks sting.

The frustrating part was that being in the wind was unavoidable. I had no way to walk around it, and nothing shielded me even partially from the brunt of its power.

Head over The Glorious Table to read the rest.

one word 2018 ready



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