Book Review: Talking as Fast as I Can

Book Review

It might seem odd that a blog focused on the football lifestyle would kick-off the year with book reviews, but I’m taking advantage of having older kids and a frigid week after Christmas and getting ahead on blog posts! I wrapped up 2017 highlighting the 20 books I read, but I actually read more than that. I just didn’t get to write all the reviews.

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham was a delightful memoir that fulfilled all I hoped it would. I’d been promised behind the scenes info from the set of Gilmore Girls as well as encouragement for writers. What I didn’t expect was to cry through the last 40 or so pages with a smile on my face.

One thing that struck me was how quickly things have changed as Graham referenced Clinton winning the election (she didn’t) and Matt Lauer on Today (nope) I wondered if the next printing should be edited. But as her story continues I realized it doesn’t matter. Whether reflecting on the past or commenting on the present, this is Lauren Graham’s reality, and it is a special thing when someone takes the time to give you a sneak peek through the window of it.

I loved hearing her diary entries, the bits of her life she shares, and her thoughts on sexism and writing. Graham tells her story honestly and in a way that makes you feel as if a friend you haven’t seen in a while is catching you up. At the same time, I couldn’t help but take a few notes as Graham’s humble commentary on life choices popped up in just the right places.

If you like memoirs or Gilmore Girls, or even Parenthood this is a book you will love. If you are a writer add this one to your life, it’s worth your time to read the whole book, even if just for the writing process part.




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