Book Review: Fierce Faith

Alli Worthington’s second book, Fierce Faith,  has just released and it’s one you may want to add to your 2018 reading list.


Alli’s first book, Breaking Busy remains one of my most frequently referenced books. I love her writing style incorporating personal stories, scripture and practical application steps. 

Alli has left no fear stone unturned in the 12 chapters of her latest book. Although the chapters are short they are packed with information.

Fierce Faith is not a book to rush through, and if you find fear is a trigger point for you, this may not be one to read alone. That being said, this book is about fighting fear, not dwelling on emotions or allowing Satan to misdirect our thoughts. Each chapter has practical tools to incorporate into thought life or actions, or both. Here’s an example:

“By worshiping, trust, and praising God, you are telling the enemy loud and clear that you are not a woman to be messed with.”

Alli does a great job of pulling in relevant scripture when addressing fear but also acknowledges today’s realities. Fear for our Children, Fear of Betrayal, FOMO, and Fear of Not Being Enough are a few of the chapter titles.

You can download the first chapter on Alli’s website and join the Propel Book Club here.